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... a few of the comments we have received from our members over the years...

I am amazed and very pleased with your response. Thank you very much. Looking at the vase again, armed with your information, I think you've nailed it. I won't hesitate to use your site again.
Dennis T., Nevada, USA

I love your website!
Katy B., Ohio, USA

Thanks for all your help and expertise. I've been helping my mom with all her inherited treasures and now can pass on the information to help her decide what she wants to do. If we do put anything on eBay, we'll be happy to credit Marks4Ceramics. You offer a great service. I'm so glad I signed up.
Donna P., California, USA

Thank you SO much! You guys are great!!! I've spent other $$$ for "consultant" fees for the same info (different piece). It took me 3 months to get an answer and that only after I asked for a refund!!! You guys ROCK!!!! Makes the fees worth it.
Vicky N., New Jersey, USA

Thanks for you help and speedy response.
Niels H., Denmark

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I love learning about the history of these family pieces. It really brings them to life. The scope of your knowledge is remarkable and I appreciate you sharing it with me.
Dale S., W. Sussex, UK

I was very pleased and surprised by your thorough and very helpful reply. I will try your suggestions. I really appreciate your input. Wishing you the best,
Phil R., New York, USA

Thanks very much for the information on these ceramic plaques. I've been able to ID several of my parents' "treasures" this weekend by perusing your extensive database. I have just a few items that are proving to be difficult. I'll be sending photos of these mystery items soon. Your expertise is certainly appreciated! Thanks again and have a good week,
Trudy D., Texas, USA

I want you to know that subscribing to your services has been one of the best investments we've made in years! Our eBay items sell faster and at higher prices on a consistent basis. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Chris & Julie M, Australia

I am so relieved to find out that my Meissen figurine is authentic! Thank you very much!!
Toshio H., Japan

As the chief appraiser at our Auction House, I find your services to be one of the most valuable tools in my research.
Kathleen G., Oregon, USA

You folks are just great. I have been selling china for several years now and feel I know more than the average joe, but you people make me feel like a novice sometimes. Never crossed my mind it was importers name. It makes sense to me now. Thanks for quick reply and always having a good answer for me.
Ron W., Tennessee, USA

Wow -- that was fast! I would never have thought Danish -- how cool is that? I appreciate the help -- just wish I'd used your services a long time ago. Thanks so much!
Kathy P., Oklahoma, USA

Fantastic service! Your personal care and effort in researching our questions never ceases to amaze me.
Collin S., London, UK

THANK YOU!! I almost sold this silver teapot for $100. Because of your advice, I was able to identify it correctly and sold it on eBay for nearly $650! I'm thrilled!
Ann M., Pennsylvania, USA

Thank you! This is a very important tool for my trade. A minute without it can be a matter of a sale or no sale. Also, a great learning tool for myself.
Andrew L., Winnipeg, Canada

Super easy to use and thanks for the frequent updates. I haven't used my reference books for a long time. This is so convenienet, especially when traveling.
Nicole W., France

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