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Makers' marks and Hallmarks to help you identify:

  • Sterling Silver

  • Silverplate

  • Fine & Costume Jewelry

  • Pewter - Bronze - Copper

  • Silverware & Flatware

  • Precious metals

  • Native-American Jewelry

  • Enamelware

  • Mexican Silver

  • Candlesticks & Candelabra

  • Modernist Silver

  • Silver Icons

  • Silver Tableware

  • Pocketwatches & Fobs

  • Silver Teasets & Trays

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Features include
  • VISUAL reference with all marks divided in Shape or Letter categories - see examples
  • NAME SEARCH to learn more on each company and see all of their marks on one page - see examples
  • INITIALS SEARCH to decipher initials marks on Silver & Jewelry instantly - see examples
  • TRADE & BRAND NAMES SEARCH to find the companies that used them - see examples

Identifying marks on Precious Metals, Jewelry or Silver can be a daunting task. There is a variety of ouliated expensive reference books, but they are often difficult to use unless you know what you are looking for. Our Jewelry & Silver marks guides are simple and quick. All you have to do is compare your item's marks against our vast database of marks & hallmarks that have been divided in groups of similar shapes or letters.

ANYWHERE & ANYTIME - Our guides can be accessed on any device connected to the Internet, including your home or office PC or laptop, your Internet Tablet and your Smart Phone with any browser. All of our reference material and special features function the same way on all devices and there is no need use any special apps or download any software.

Our content is frequently updated with the latest facts and marks and can be essential in identifying your precious metal items, such as Jewelry, Silverware & Flatware, Silverplate or Pewter. It is easy and intuitive and can save you valuable time and money.

Our specialists are also always on stand-by to answer any of your questions and your communication with us remains private and personal. There is no extra charge to contact our specialists and our HELP GUARANTEE is totally free to members.

Our proprietary tools can make your research easy, quick and fun. For example, a unique INITIALS SEARCH allows you to find all marks that consist of only a few letters. Even if you cannot make out a letter or two, you can just use a "?" in its place and our smart search will show you all combinations that may match your initials for you to confirm its attribution. Likewise, our NAME SEARCH can quickly locate all marks or hallmarks of a certain silversmith or jeweler for viewing on one page. If you have ever used reference books for Silver or Jewelry marks, you know that these features cannot be performed with books.

Each mark or hallmark in our reference database is labeled with important and interesting information about the maker or its origin. All marks are also dated as to the specific years they were in use so that you can determine the age of your treasures easily and efficiently.