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 Researching Antique Amberina GlassAmberina is a beautiful and unique type of glass that has been highly sought after by collectors for decades. This glass was first produced in the late 19th century and continued to be made into the early 20th century. The glass is known for its striking coloration, which ranges from yellow to red. In this article, we will discuss the history of Amberina glass, how to identify it, and provide tips on how to research and collect Amberina items.

The History of Amberina Glass

Amberina glass was first produced by the New England Glass Company in 1883. The company was known for producing high-quality glassware, and Amberina was no exception. The glass is made by combining two different colors of glass, such as yellow and red, to create a unique color gradient. The name "Amberina" is derived from the two colors used to create the glass: amber and cranberry.

The New England Glass Company was not the only company to produce Amberina glass, and other manufacturers soon followed suit. Some of the most well-known manufacturers of Amberina glass include Fenton, Northwood, and Hobbs, Brockunier & Co. Amberina glass was produced in a wide range of forms, including vases, bowls, and lamps.

Identifying Amberina Glass

Identifying Amberina glass can be tricky, as there are many imitations and reproductions on the market. However, there are a few key characteristics to look for when trying to identify authentic Amberina glass.

The first thing to look for is the color. Authentic Amberina glass will have a distinct color gradient, ranging from yellow to red. The color change should be gradual and not abrupt. The glass should also be transparent, allowing light to pass through it.

Another key characteristic of Amberina glass is its iridescence. Authentic Amberina glass will have a metallic sheen that changes depending on the angle of the light. The iridescence should be evenly distributed across the surface of the glass.

Amberina glass should also have a smooth surface, free of bubbles or other imperfections. The glass should be relatively lightweight and delicate, with a thin wall thickness.

Researching Collectible Amberina Glass

If you are interested in collecting Amberina glass, it is important to do your research before making any purchases. There are many resources available to help you identify and value Amberina glass.

One of the best resources for researching Amberina glass is the internet. There are many websites and forums dedicated to glass collecting, where you can find information about Amberina glass and connect with other collectors.

Another great resource is books on glass collecting. There are many books available that cover the history of Amberina glass and provide information on identifying and valuing pieces. Some of the most well-known books on the subject include "Amberina and Other Highly Colored Glass" by Gene Florence and "Amberina Glass" by Margaret and Kenn Whitmyer.

If you are looking to purchase Amberina glass, it is important to buy from a reputable dealer. Look for dealers who specialize in glassware and have a good reputation within the collecting community. You can also ask for references from other collectors or do research online to find reviews of dealers.

Collecting Amberina Glass

Collecting Amberina glass can be a rewarding and fulfilling hobby. There are many different types of pieces to collect, from vases and bowls to lamps and candlesticks. When collecting Amberina glass, it is important to choose pieces that you love and that fit within your budget.

When purchasing Amberina glass, it is important to consider the condition of the piece. Look for pieces that are free of cracks, chips, and other damage. Pieces that are in mint condition and have their original labels or markings are highly desirable to collectors.

It is also important to consider the rarity of the piece. Some pieces of Amberina glass are more rare and valuable than others. Rare pieces may be more difficult to find and may command a higher price.

Another factor to consider when collecting Amberina glass is the provenance of the piece. Pieces that have a documented history of ownership or have been featured in exhibitions or publications may be more valuable to collectors.

Finally, it is important to display your Amberina collection in a way that showcases its beauty. Displaying pieces in a well-lit cabinet or on a shelf can allow the colors and iridescence to shine through.


Amberina glass is a unique and beautiful type of glass that has captured the hearts of collectors for over a century. Identifying authentic Amberina glass can be tricky, but by looking for key characteristics such as color gradient and iridescence, you can ensure that you are buying genuine pieces. Researching and collecting Amberina glass can be a fulfilling and rewarding hobby, and by following the tips in this article, you can start building your own collection today.

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