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BACCARAT CRYSTAL & GLASS - Origins and Appraisal Values

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Baccarat Crystal and Bronze VaseInitially known as Compagnie des Cristalleries de Baccarat, BACCARAT CRYSTAL was founded in 1765 in the area of Baccarat, France. It was originally financed by King Louis XV for the purpose of producing high-quality luxury Glass & Crystal and providing a source of income to the local community. In spite of the tumultuous years of war and revolution that soon followed, the company flourished and continued to improve its manufacturing and yields. By 1823, it was recognized at the Exposition Nationale in Paris as an exceptional Glassworks designer and innovative maker, whose market reach now extended worldwide and attracted loyal buyers, including prominent families of elevated or royal stature.

The outstanding clarity of Baccarat glass, shaped in some of the most elegant designs, that was often assembled together with other parts (e.g. Ormolu), plus its popularity among the rich, enabled the company to prosper and expand its operations. Newer and experimental glass Works of Art, including large pieces such as Crystal Chandeliers, reached its peak in the mid-19thC and continued to amaze throughout its history.

From stylish Crystal Decanters or Goblets and all the way to decorative Crystal Figurines or Glass Paperweights and even Glass Perfume Bottles, its range of products appealed to an ever-increasing sophisticated clientele and allowed the company to continue in its path of international acclaim and esteem. Prices for Baccarat goods were never for the fainthearted, which only helped in accelerating its legendary status.

Baccarat is still in business - see Baccarat official website - continuing its tradition in high-end luxury Glass & Crystal range of products that keeps growing and now even includes a range of spectacular Crystal Jewelry and other non-conventional items.

Baccarat collectibles always do well at auction and fetch high prices. Their distinct beauty and long-established reputation make Baccarat objects desirable and prudent investments.

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