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Antique Pedal CarIf you're interested in antique pedal cars, you're not alone. These miniature cars are popular among collectors, antique enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the craftsmanship and nostalgia of yesteryear. However, if you're new to the world of antique pedal cars, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know to research and collect antique pedal cars, including the history of pedal cars, how to identify different types of pedal cars, and where to find them.

The History of Pedal Cars

Pedal cars have been around since the late 1800s, but they really took off in the 1920s and 1930s. At the time, automobiles were becoming more popular, and children wanted to mimic their parents by driving their own miniature versions of cars. These early pedal cars were often made of wood and had simple designs.

By the 1940s and 1950s, pedal cars had become more sophisticated, with many models featuring metal bodies and realistic designs. During this time, pedal cars were also used as promotional items by car manufacturers and other companies.

Pedal cars continued to be popular through the 1960s and 1970s, but eventually, they were replaced by battery-operated cars and other toys. Today, antique pedal cars are highly sought after by collectors, and many people enjoy restoring them to their former glory.

Identifying Different Types of Pedal Cars

There are several different types of pedal cars, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are some of the most common types of pedal cars and how to identify them:
  • Classic Pedal Cars: These pedal cars are from the 1920s through the 1950s and are often made of metal. Look for designs that resemble real cars from that time period, such as the Ford Model T or the Cadillac. Classic pedal cars often have adjustable pedals, so they can grow with the child who owns them. They also typically have working headlights and other features that make them look more like real cars.
  • Promotional Pedal Cars: These pedal cars were often given away as promotional items by car manufacturers or other companies. They typically have the name of the company printed on them, along with a logo or other branding. Promotional pedal cars can be more difficult to find, as they were not produced in large quantities.
  • Racing Pedal Cars: These pedal cars were designed to look like race cars and were often used in children's pedal car races. They typically have low, sleek designs and may have special features such as racing stripes or decals. Racing pedal cars can be highly collectible, especially if they are in good condition.
  • Fantasy Pedal Cars: These pedal cars were designed to look like fantasy vehicles, such as airplanes or rocket ships. They were often made of wood and may have whimsical designs. Fantasy pedal cars can be highly collectible due to their unique designs.
  • Custom Pedal Cars: These pedal cars were often made by individuals or small companies and may have unique designs or features. Custom pedal cars can be highly collectible if they are well-made and have interesting designs.

Where to Find Antique Pedal Cars

Antique pedal cars can be found in a variety of places, including antique stores, online marketplaces, and specialty toy stores. Here are some tips for finding antique pedal cars:
  • Antique Stores: Antique stores are a great place to start your search for antique pedal cars. Many antique stores specialize in vintage toys, and you may be able to find a pedal car that fits your collection. You can also talk to the owners or staff to see if they have any leads on where to find antique pedal cars in your area.
  • Online Marketplaces: Online marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy are also great places to find antique pedal cars. You can search for specific makes and models or browse through listings to find something that catches your eye. Just be sure to read the seller's feedback and ask questions before making a purchase.
  • Specialty Toy Stores: Some specialty toy stores may carry antique pedal cars, especially if they specialize in vintage or collectible toys. You can also talk to the owners or staff to see if they have any leads on where to find antique pedal cars in your area.
  • Collector Groups: Joining a collector group or forum can be a great way to connect with other collectors and find out where to find antique pedal cars. You can also learn more about the history of pedal cars and get tips on how to restore and care for them.

Researching Antique Pedal Cars

Once you've found an antique pedal car that you're interested in, it's important to do your research to ensure that you're getting an authentic and valuable piece. Here are some tips for researching antique pedal cars:
  • Identify the Make and Model: The first step in researching an antique pedal car is to identify the make and model. Look for any markings or labels on the car that can help you identify it. You can also compare the car to reference materials such as books or online resources to help you identify it.
  • Check the Condition: The condition of an antique pedal car can greatly affect its value. Look for any damage or missing parts and take note of them. You can also check the car's paint and finish to see if it has been restored or repainted.
  • Research the History: Once you've identified the make and model and checked the condition, you can research the history of the car. Look for any information on the car's manufacturer or previous owners. You can also check online forums and collector groups to see if anyone has information on the car.
  • Consult with Experts: If you're unsure about the authenticity or value of an antique pedal car, it's always a good idea to consult with an expert. You can talk to an appraiser or a collector who specializes in pedal cars to get their opinion.


Antique pedal cars are a unique and fascinating part of automotive history, and collecting them can be a rewarding hobby. By understanding the history of pedal cars, identifying different types of pedal cars, and knowing where to find them, you can begin to build a collection of your own. And by researching and carefully selecting each pedal car, you can ensure that your collection is both valuable and authentic. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, antique pedal cars are a timeless collectible that will never go out of style.

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