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The Volkstedt Porcelain Factory was established in 1760 in the town of Rudolstadt, Thuringia, Germany. The term Volkstedt Porcelain is nowadays applied as a generic term for items produced at one of the many porcelain factories & studios in the area or that are in the same style. Historically, the original Volkstedt facilities were used by several companies or owners, either in succession or concurrently, and they are still in operation today under the Tettau company banner. The Rudolstadt brand, also a generic term, is practically synonymous to Volkstedt. As old as Meissen, they have been one of their fiercest competitors, but perhaps not as prolific, and produced decorative porcelain in essentially the same style.

A brief account of Volkstedt's evolution could be summed up as follows:

  • Founded in 1760 with MECHELEID as its first Director until 1767
  • Became CHRISTIAN NONNE 1767 - 1800, WILHELM GREINER & CARL HOLZAPFEL & GREINER FAMILY [several names] 1804 - 1815, ENS & ECKERT TRIEBNER 1877 - 1894, VOLKSTEDT-TRIEBNER 1898 - 1902, RICHARD ECKERT & Co. 1909 - 1936, DRESSEL-KISTER [Passau] 1922 - 1937, RUDOLPH HEINZ & Co. 1921 - 1936, THURINGIA STATE'S PORCELAIN FACTORY 1936 - 1949, and VEB OLDEST VOLKSTEDT PORCELAIN FACTORY 1949 - 1990
  • Premises and all operations were acquired by TETTAU in 1990
The Volkstedt style on porcelain resembles other classic decorative motifs produced by most European manufacturers and is centered around Neoclassical themes. Romantic or historical porcelain Volkstedt figurines are very collectible and of very high quality. Tableware & chinaware are also popular but to a somewhat lesser extent.

Original older maker's marks used at Volkstedt have been copied and imitated profusely, but are quite discernible. Proper identification is the key and members of our Ceramics marks guides, will find all related makers' marks on our pages that can also help in determining their age. Recent imports from the Far East are usually easy to tell apart because their attention to detail is frequently poor, whereas genuine Volkstedt porcelain figurines have minute decorative features modeled by highly skilled artisans and the overall aesthetic impact is much more pronounced. Nevertheless, researching for the correct attribution of each piece is practically a necessary exercise to ensure the right audience when selling or to avoid paying too much for a recent replica.

Antique and vintage Volkstedt porcelain items fetch the highest prices at auction, provided their condition is excellent. Complex and elaborate figural groups are the most desirable and are valued consistently well. Similarly, size is important.

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